Do I need to let the LGPS know of my new employment?

    If you are in receipt of pension benefits from the ERPF and you become re-employed, even if this is within local government, you do not need to inform the ERPF as the pension you receive will not be affected unless:

    • you became re-employed within local government before 1 April 2007. Your pension could be affected if you are eligible to join the LGPS even if you choose not to. You should contact the ERPF immediately so that they can assess your pension benefits to determine if there is any effect on the amount you receive
    • you retired before 1 April 2007 and were awarded Compensatory Added Years (CAYs) under the Discretionary Payment Regulations. You must inform your former employer of any possible re-employment immediately this is because any benefits arising from CAYs may be affected by your earnings in your new employment and may have to be reduced or suspended during the period of re-employment. In addition to this, the CAYs may be reduced permanently when the re-employment ends
    • you are in receipt of an ill-health pension which was granted as a Tier 3. This type of pension is only paid for a maximum of three years but can be stopped at any time during this period if you take up any gainful employment. You must inform the employer who awarded you the ill-health pension immediately if you take up employment whether in local government or elsewhere and they will then confirm whether your pension can continue to be paid.

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