Monthly Data Collection

    What is Monthly Data Collection?

    Monthly Data Collection (MDC) is the new way in which East Riding Pension Fund (ERPF) collects information from employers to create and maintain scheme members' pension records. Many employers are currently using this method and remaining employers will be onboarded during the 2022/23 scheme year.

    In replacement of many of the online forms that ERPF have historically required, employers are able to send an MDC file on a monthly basis, with information about all active scheme members. New joiners, leavers, changes to employment and personal details can all be picked up through this one file, giving employers a more efficient way to provide pension information.

    Some online forms will still be required and this is all detailed in the employer guidance and onboarding process, but once employers move onto MDC this will be the main form of communication between the fund and the employer.

    On this page you will find some useful documents which will assist and help prepare you for MDC, along with a recorded webinar that explains how MDC works and what the onboarding process involves.

    Any employer queries relating to MDC or the onboarding process should be directed to

    What training resources do you have available?

    ERPF have a number of training resources available to assist employers with Monthly Data Collection and the onboarding process, which you can find below.

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