Events for notification

When to send information to the fund, submitting and deducting contributions, making deficit payments and completing the year-end return.

    When do I need to send information to the fund?

    As an employer of the East Riding Pension Fund you must inform us of all changes which occur on any member’s pension record at any time.

    It is the responsibility of the employer to let us know about any of the following changes, and they must provide information regarding the following to the fund:

    • Change in Hours
    • Change in Pay
    • Commencing/Returning from Authorised Absence
    • Additional Pension Contributions Contracts
    • Strike Breaks
    • Joining/Leaving the 50/50 Section
    • Estimates for Members
    • Leavers/Retirements
    • Ill-health Retirements
    • New Joiners
    • Opt-outs
    • Under 3 Month opt-outs
    • Casual Hours
    • Change of Addresses.

    We also need to be sent information regarding the employer itself as well, i.e. if the contacts change, your web contacts need amending, if the employers address has changed.

    The relevant forms for this are below:

    Employer Contacts (pdf 186kb)

    ERPF Online Services Access – Terms of Use (pdf 52kb)

    Additional Contacts (pdf 184kb)

    If you fail to do this then it can cause delays and problems when it comes to year end, when the member wants to retire or even when trying to provide the member with an Annual Benefit Statement.

    It is also crucial that you send us the Annual Returns for your employer(s) this is a regulatory requirement and without doing this your members will not receive an annual benefit statement and we would have to issue you with a fine. Details on how to complete an Annual Return/Year End file can be found in the ‘How do I complete my year-end return?’ section below.

    How do I deduct and submit member and employer contributions?

    Employer and Employee contributions are payable on the full pensionable salary. Employee contributions are deducted pre-tax. The percentage rate varies depending on the actual pensionable pay. The current rates are:

    If your actual pensionable pay is: You pay a contribution rate of:
    Up to £13,700 5.5%
    £13,701 to £21,400 5.8%
    £21,401 to £34,700 6.5%
    £34,701 to £43,900 6.8%
    £43,901 to £61,300 8.5%
    £61,301 to £86,800 9.9%
    £86,801 to £102,200 10.5%
    £102,201 to £153,300 11.4%
    £153,301 or more 12.5%

    These rates are reviewed every year and change from 1 April.

    The rate of employer contributions will be advised by our actuary. This is reviewed every 3 years.

    Our Financial control team will contact you with the forms that need completing each month when making payment. Payment should be made by BACS and should be received by the 19th of the month following deduction (April payment due by 19 May).

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    How do I complete my year end return?

    Full details of how to complete the year end return are issued by the financial control team each year, with template spreadsheets. Currently a full return needs to be submitted giving full pay and contributions details for each member. This must be submitted in the same format as the template issued. A year end return needs to be received by 21 April each year.

    Please see the Year End Returns section for further information.

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