Find out about estimates and strain cost, and how to get one.

    What are estimates?

    When a member is thinking of retiring, they will require an estimate of their benefits to start planning for this change in their life. Where a member is simply resigning and wishing to access their benefits, the member can come directly to the East Riding Pension Fund (ERPF) who will provide them with a calculation of the benefits that the member has built up along with all of the options available to them.

    If you wish to request an estimate on the member’s behalf for a resignation, you can do this.

    Where the member is looking to retire on grounds that require their employers consent, then the employer must request the estimate on their behalf. There are various reasons why a member could be retiring and requiring their employers consent.

    These include:

    • simply resigning over the age of 55 but wishing the employer to waive some or all of their reductions
    • redundancy (voluntary or compulsorily) over the age of 55
    • ill-health
    • flexible retirement.

    How do I know if there is a strain cost and how do I get one?

    The member’s age, service and the type of estimate you are requesting will determine whether there is a strain cost. In certain circumstances, there will never be a cost, so you will have no need to request the strain cost figures.

    Once you have received confirmation of any strain cost and wish the member calculation to be sent, you can simply send an email to East Riding Pension Fund confirming this – you do not need to complete another estimate form.

    For indicative strain costs you can use ERPF Online Services to calculate on each individual member.

    Estimate Form Examples 2015-16 (pdf 912kb)

    Estimate Form Guidance (pdf 817kb)

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