Early leavers

Background information about 'early leavers' and how Cumulative Pensionable Pay (CPP) works.

    Can you provide background information about 'early leavers'?

    Prior to April 2004, early leavers did not become entitled to deferred benefits unless they had 2 years membership of the scheme.

    Amendment regulations effective from April 2004 meant that an active member who opted out of the scheme or ceased employment and who had at least 3 months' membership became entitled to deferred benefits.

    From April 2014 we moved back to a two year vesting period but an active member who moved into the 2014 scheme on 1 April 2014 can, if they subsequently leave between 3 months and 2 years' membership in total, choose between:

    • refund
    • deferred benefits
    • an immediate pension provided they have reached their NPA.

    The choice can depend upon entitlement.

    How does Cumulative Pensionable Pay (CCP) work?

    This is cumulative Pensionable pay in either section of the Scheme in the Scheme year, including the value of benefit specified in the contract of employment as being pensionable amounts. The CPP must be provided separately for each section as different accrual rates will apply when calculating the pension in each segment.

    If the employee moves between sections more than once in a scheme year there is no requirement to differentiate cumulative pays.

    A guide which may help you can be found below on page 9.

    LGPS Regulations and Guidance - Payroll Guide to the 2014 Scheme

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    Leaver Form Examples 2015-16 (pdf 900kb)

    Leaver Form Guidance 2016-17 (pdf 837kb)

    Leaver Form Guidance 2015-16 (pdf 827kb)

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