McCloud consultation

User AvatarPosted by Chris A Brown at 19/10/2020 11:47:11

Following the Court of Appeal judgment in December 2018, the government has been working to fix the discrimination identified in the policy of transitional protection that was part of the 2015 reforms to public service pension schemes. A consultation has now been published, outlining the proposals to address the discrimination and the plans for the future.

The consultation can be viewed here:

GOV.UK - Changes to the transitional arrangements to the 2015 schemes 

The Local Government Association (LGA) have also published a number of documents that you may find useful when considering the proposals, these documents are available here:

GOV.UK - Local government pension scheme amendments to the-statutory underpin

You can also find more information regarding the McCloud judgement on the Scheme Advisory Boards Q&A:

LGPS Board - McCloud

It is important to reassure members that any changes to the underpin protections will apply to all eligible members and that they do not need to make a separate claim for redress.

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