Changing your personal details

    I'm moving house, what should I do?

    If you move house, you can let us know your new address by writing to us at the address on the contact us page or by completing our online form below:

    Change your personal details online

    I'm getting married/changing my name, what should I do?

    If you are getting married or changing our name then please write to us at the address on the Contact us page.

    Can I change the person I nominate to receive my lump sum death benefit?

    The ERPF has absolute discretion over who receives any lump sum death grant however, the LGPS allows you to express your wish as to who you would like any death grant to be paid to by completing and returning the Death Grant Expression of Wish form.

    If you have not already completed this form, or you wish to change your wishes then you can download a form below:

    Death Grant Expression of Wish form (pdf 1mb)

    Unfortunately the ERPF will only accept Expression of Wish forms with original signatures so this form cannot be completed online.

    More details on the Lump Sum death grant are available on Benefits for your family.

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